Seafood Delight in Dorset

The South West of England is the best place to spend your Dorset holidays. Aside from the wide array of events you can take part in, there also various seafood restaurants always ready to satiate your seafood cravings. Since they are very close to the Dorset holiday cottages, there is no reason why you cannot indulge your craving for lobster, fish dishes or crab meals. You can either enjoy your meal in their friendly dining area or order for a take away food. You can take your favourite seafood to your Dorset holiday cottages for a late night meal. Here are the best seafood restaurants to visit during your Dorset holidays.

Crab House Café

Dorset holiday cottages have self-catering facilities and you have the option to prepare your own food and still enjoy homemade recipes. But if you feel too lazy to cook, you can still look forward to a great meal by driving to the very famous Crab House Café located in Wyke Regis. The restaurant offers the finest seafood dishes during your Dorset holidays. Whether you go there for lunch or dinner, visiting the restaurant can be one of the best experiences you can undergo. Examples of must-try dishes are Sea Bass with Special Herbs and Cod Fillet with special Herbed Crumb Topping. Regular customers recommend the Crab and Mussel Curried Bisque and the Pan Fried Sea bass fillet. After your sumptuous meal, take pleasure with the restaurant’s extensive wine list and homemade desserts. Tempting desserts include cheesecake, summer fruits and Crème Brulee. On top of the generous food serving, the ambiance of the Crab House Café is an ideal moment to spend some quiet time with your family. Once you are done dining, take with you great memories as you go back to your Dorset holiday cottages.


On the second day of your Dorset holidays, be sure to drop by Perrys. The restaurant is conveniently located from your Dorset holiday cottages. It is located on Trinity Road, Weymouth and very accessible from your place. The place gives a new twist to traditional British seafood. It is highly recommended for formal events. So if you need to meet a business partner or make your wedding proposal, the Perrys is the best place to go. It can accommodate up to 60 persons at one time. The staffs and chef offer a wide variety of menu. If you have friends who are not fond of seafood dishes, you can always try other delectable varieties. Just ask the friendly and courteous staff for their recommendations. Because of the popularity of the seafood restaurant, you need to make prior arrangements to ensure that you get the best seats during your Dorset holidays.

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