How to Prepare Fish for Nigiri-Sashimi-Sushi

How to Prepare Fish for Nigiri-Sashimi-Sushi

Iron Chef Morimoto on How To Prepare Fish for Sushi

Hi, this is Chef Morimoto here. I try to show you how to make sushi at your home. ♪♪ ♪♪ So, I’m gonna try to do some fish preparations.

Red snapper from Japan, called Tai. Heads off. Then tail off. So I’m gonna get a fillet. Follow your knife by the center bone, and then go to the others in here.

Then, yep, on the other side. Same thing. See? And then the other side, I need. This is the blue fish, and some little fish here.

The blue skin fish is a very common sushi fish. This is salt, evenly. You know, 30 minutes salt and then about 15 minutes vinegar, something like this. And this one, salmon — same thing. See, this is a tuna.

Definite, this A-grade. Okay, tuna, swimming like this. This is the head, okay. Swimming like this. This is the skin.

This is center bone, the other side. This is the belly here. Outside the skin side, in the ocean side, is fat. They have to keep their own temperature from the cold water. Fat.

Like me. Now, I’m gonna use some red meat today. This is a medium fat. So, this is a fat tuna. Then.

.. This is red. From the same fish, but a different part. Like filet mignon and the sirloin, something like this.

This is a shrimp, as you know. And then this is bamboo. Between skin and leg. Make straight. That’s about it.

So you can see, change of color right away. ♪♪ Skin off. Then make — make more nicer. Tail, and then here. Up the middle, like this.

See? And then this is the ice water and the salt and a little bit of lemon juice. This is the shrimp preparation. Okay, so this is a Tai. ♪♪ We have another center bone here.

And then I’m gonna take skin off. ♪♪ Easy. So, this is seaweed. So, this — slice like this, and using from here to there. Not this.

Slicing very smoothly from here to here. Natural MSG from kombu to bring in it. And I put here some, also. ♪♪ And then the one in here got cured with kombu. So this is a red snapper, belly side.

Salt a little bit. ♪♪ This… This is hot water.

This is yakishimo. “Yaki” means “burning.” So this, “oyu” mean “hot water.” Yushimo. So, we’re gonna start here with the skin, with the sushi and the sashimi.

♪♪ So, same fish — burning, and then hot water. And then this is just to take the skin off. Here’s a regular nigiri. Between skin and meat very good. But most of the American people doesn’t like to use skin, but a good part.

So, one, two, three, four — four different preparation for the same fish. One more thing. ♪♪ Okay, this is a very old technique from Tokyo, Edo area. We call it zuke. Just simmer the outside.

Just the outside, making, you know, white, like this. ♪♪ Soy sauce. I think 1 cup. This is sake. Half.

Here you got cooking sake. Half. ♪♪ This is a different tuna preparation, called zuke. Fatty tuna, medium fat, red, and zuke. One hour salt, and then wash by vinegar.

♪♪ Like this. This is how you wash sardine. So, keep in 15 minutes like this. Let’s make sashimi here. Tuna — Bigeye.

Slice it. Equal, evenly. ♪♪ See, this is a rose. ♪♪ The salmon fish. ♪♪ This is the torched.

♪♪ So, these are sardine. You take skin off. ♪♪ This is the radish.

This is a shiso leaf. ♪♪ Lemon here.

♪♪ ♪♪ So, tuna, salmon, sardine, two different preparation, with the skin, Tai. Slicing nigiri, a little bit longer than the sashimi does. Cutting against the sinew. ♪♪ Shrimp here. Salmon.

This is sardine here. ♪♪ So, this is seasoned rice I did. Put the wasabi in between fish and rice. Okay, this is not too fat. Right.

And then making nigiri like this. ♪♪ Okay. Then…

♪♪ ♪♪ There you go, today’s nigiri selection. This is a regular tuna from dorsal. This is a fatty tuna, Salmon, salmon belly. Sardine, shrimp. This is kobujime, cured with kombu.

And then the snapper, belly side. ♪♪ So, how was my presentation how to make the fish at your home? Morimoto style.

Bye-bye! ♪♪ -Recently, yes.

But she’s not giving you any protein. I’m like a vegetarian in the house. I lost almost 15, 20 pounds. No comment. [ Laughter ] -There you go, today’s nigiri selection.

This a regular tuna, from dorsal. This is a fatty tuna. Salmon, salmon belly. Sardine, shrimp. This is kobujime, cured with kombu.

And then the snapper, belly side. ♪♪ So, was how my presentation, how to make the fish at your home? Morimoto style. Bye-bye! ♪♪.

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