Thailand's largest seafood company abandons tuna merger

Thailand's largest seafood company abandons tuna merger
The Justice Department announced that the deal, announced a year ago between Thailand's largest seafood company and Bumble Bee Foods of the U.S., was off. If Thai Union Group, owner of Chicken of the Sea, had bought Bumble Bee, it would have …
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Sushi investigation nets seafood fraud convictions
Turner said prosecutors were alerted to the issue in 2012 after an article about seafood fraud appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune. The article reported that more than half of the fish tested in Southern Calfiornia by Oceana, an international ocean …
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Sushiko's vegan omakase menu is an invitation to skip seafood at a sushi bar
One of the most refined tasting menus around commences with a little ceremony. A chef welcomes diners with a small glass cloche containing clear dashi jelly, soft bamboo shoots, ribbons of seaweed and a sheer sail of myoga, or Japanese ginger.
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