How to Make the Best Deep Fried Sushi Rolls

Welcome to YUM YUM COOK. Today we are looking at different types of Deep Fried Sushi.
Watch our video to see how to make this fantastic meal. Try cooking these yourself with the recipe provided in the video description.
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This video teaches you how to make deep fried sushi rolls at home.

* Full Recipe Videos for Top Tastiest Deep Fried Sushi Rolls
1. Deep Fried California Sushi Roll:
2. Deep Fried Cheese Pork Cutlet Roll:
3. Pork Cutlet Sushi Roll:
4. Deep Fried Dynamite Sushi Roll:
5. Deep Fried Salmon Skin Sushi Roll:
6. Deep Fried Shrimp Sushi Roll with White Rice:
7. Deep Fried Chicken Sushi Roll:
8. Deep Fried Almond Sushi Roll: