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The thought of eating raw fish doesn’t appeal to some, but to others they love it. Many are concerned that it might not be safe, since it is raw fish, but actually it is. The FDA requires that all fish be frozen. The process of freezing fish kills any bacteria and makes it safe for consumption.

Sushi is mainly known as a Japanese food. It is cold rice that is wrapped in seaweed and topped with pieces of fish, meat or vegetables. The toppings that are placed on top are just as important as the fish itself. The most common topping used is wasabi. This is a term used to describe Japanese horseradish sauce. While other toppings are used, wasabi is the most popular because it’s hot blend tends to compliment the taste of the meat or fish.

Raw fish was first consumed back in south-east Asia then spread to China and finally to Japan. In Japanese this actually means “sour-tasting” and is a considered a delicacy. There are many types of sushi available, they are:

Chirashizushi- This variation is served in a bowl. The rice is put on the bottom topped with sashimi and garnishes.

Inarizushi- This variation uses a deep fried tofu pocket and filled with rice and fish. It is sweeter and has a character all of its own.

Makizushi- Wrapped in seaweed paper this is the most common variation. It can also be used with soy papers on top of cucumbers.

Narezushi- This is a hand formed option. The chef takes the rice and presses it into a rectangular pan and then places the fish on top.

Oshizushi- Using a wooden mould the rice is placed into a square. The fish is then served on top of the square box of rice.

Western-style- Found in North America and Europe but never in Japan. This is a modern flare often called the California roll. Names may vary depending on which part of the country or world that one is in, but in general this is the most popular variation.

Nigirizushi- The fish is gutted and stuffed full of salt. It is then placed in a wooden barrel full of salt. They cover it in pickling stone and leave it to sit for weeks. Everyday water is removed as it seeps out of the fish. After six months the fish may be eaten.

There are three main kinds of rice that are used in these Japanese cuisines; they are white, brown and black. The meat that is used can be one of many, including, tuna, chicken, beef, scallops or okra. One might also find vegetables such as carrots, cucumber or avocado in any entrée.

There are many ways to eat sushi and there is something to please any palette. No matter which way one chooses to eat their meat or fish, it is actually a very low calorie and healthy option, which is gaining in popularity because of its health benefits.

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